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Cities: Skylines Latest News

Steel Division: Normandy 44 Exceeded Paradox Interactive's Pre-Order Expectations - Q2 2017 Revenue Up 23%

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Paradox Interactive went into 2010 as a fairly niche company focusing their efforts on Grand Strategy games that captivated all but the most experiences armchair generals. Fast-forward to 2017, however, and you'll see a publicly traded powerhouse that's buying up every strategy studio it can find. And it's working.

New Cities: Skylines DLC lets you put on a concert with real-life musicians

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With Rock, EDM, and Pop/Folk bands and a new radio station. Out August 17

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit Launches Today And Everyone Gains A Bunch Of New Features Whether They Pay Or Not

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There's a certain tradition Paradox Interactive seems to hold dear with each of its games. Rather than leave players out with an expansion, they're always dish out a handful of new features for free while the loyal players who decided to front them more cash get more bang for their actual buck.

Straight From EGX Rezzed, Here's Our Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit Hands-On Preview

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With EGX Rezzed having taken place a few weeks ago now, Chris and Emma were able to get some hands-on time with Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit; the latest expansion for the popular city builder planned to release later next month. There's a lengthy preview video to prove it, too!

Paradox Interactive Invites Minecraft And Planet Coaster Developers To Talk Creative Games At PDXCON 2017

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The world is one vast, open playground. It is in real-life, and that fact only becomes more drastically true as we look at today's gaming culture. Constantly spoiled by these open spaces with developers constantly trying to build one larger than the last, it's time to look back at what makes these sandbox environments so gripping. And four of the leading development teams will be doing just that at PDXCON 2017 next month.

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