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Preview: Emmanuel Brown gives us his first impressions of Cities: Skylines from GamesCom 2014..

It’s comforting to know that in the world of pc-based urban planning simulators, last year’s somewhat disastrous Sim City launch didn’t represent the death knell of a genre. Let’s get one thing straight though, I absolutely loved (and abjectly hated) that game. Sure, there are a billion things Maxis did wrong, and the tragic oversight of fondness for...

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Preview: Can Colossal Order's ambitious city builder fill a SimCity-shaped hole?

The implosion of the SimCity franchise last year blew a hole wide open in the city-building simulation genre, but despite some decent efforts no studio has really plugged the gap left by Maxis’s collapsing behemoth. Six-man team Colossal Order is hoping to do just that with its ambitious title Cities: Skylines, which looks to give players back some of the control they lost in SimCity 2013.