Civilization V: Brave New World Features

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Interview: We talk to Senior Producer Dennis Shirk.

It’s a brave new world. Well, I wouldn’t say ‘new’ new… personally I think the name of the new Civilization V expansion is a little bit misleading, as it doesn’t really have anything to do with colonialism or the Americas. Still, what it DOES have sounds quite interesting, and we sat down with Senior Producer Dennis Shirk and demanded he tell us more:

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Preview: Resolution #1135A – Buy a new hat.

Considering how long it took for the first ‘real’ expansion for Civilization V, I did wonder if they were actually going to move on to a second or not. Turns out they are – yay. As many of you would have seen by now, Firaxis are taking us into a Brave New World, where Diplomacy and Culture take centre stage. With new civilizations, units, buildings, techs scenarios and new gameplay...