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Cobalt Latest News

Cobalt gets February 2nd release date

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Mojang has announced in a post on the developer's official site that Cobalt will be arriving on 2nd February on Steam, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The digital game will cost $19.99.

Mojang's scrolling shooter Cobalt delayed into February 2016

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Mojang has announced that its cartoonish side scrolling shooter Cobalt has been bumped from its previously announced October 2015 launch to February 2016.

2D cyborg combat game  Cobalt is coming to Steam this October

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Cobalt, the first game to be published by Minecraft developer Mojang, will be released on Steam this October. Developed by Oxeye Game Studio, the game's an action -packed 2D arena shooter in which you play as a tiny, gun-fighting cyborg.

There's actually already a very early Alpha of the game available to try out and buy over on the official website. Doing so will also net you a key for the upcoming Steam version.

GamesCom 2013: Mojang's Cobalt coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One

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Microsoft has announced that Mojang and Oxeye Game Studio's Super Smash Bros.-style platform combat game Cobalt, which has been in alpha on PC since December 2011, will be coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.