Condemned: Criminal Origins Latest News

The Best Horror Games on PC

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Looking for a horror game or several to play on PC? We've rounded up the best ones in this here list.

First-person horror series Condemned could return as an indie game

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Condemned: Criminal Origins, and to a lesser extent its sequel, were damn fine horror games. With the last game in the series released back in 2008 however, it's seemed less and less likely that developer Monolith would ever return to the franchise.

The good news is that studio founder Jace Hall hasn't quite given up on Condemned yet, though if the series was to return, it might not be in quite the way you'd expect.

Dead Space 2 the scariest 360 game, according to scientific study

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Vertical Slice used scientific methods to determine which Xbox 360 game was the scariest, and to determine what constitutes scariness in a game. They used both interviews and empirical data, and also objective scientific methods, including biometrics, including heart rate, skin surface temperature, and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response).