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Crusader Kings II Features

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Preview: It's grand-uber-strategy, but with a twist...

Even though this is a year of experimentation for Paradox, with many new titles and new concepts coming from third parties, their internal studio is still hard at work. These are the guys that brought you Hearts of Iron III, that brought you Victoria II and the latest Europa Universalis III expansion, and now, they're working on something else. Hailed as a...

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Preview: Will they be telling stories of your deeds for generations to come?

Crusader Kings II, from Paradox Interactive, is a game about Legacy. Now, this is probably not something the average man really thinks about. Sure, plenty of us would probably like to leave a mark on the world, some proof that we were here and that we did things, even great things, but to most of us it's probably a foreign concept. In this game however, not only are you forging a...