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Crusader Kings II Review

In Crusader Kings II you must forge a dynasty and lead it to glory. How far will you get?

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Paradox 4X Strategy Games Getting New Engine, Allowing Better Mod Support

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The new engine sounds like good news all around, and will bring lots of streamlining when it comes to actually developing 4X games for Paradox.

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury gets Release Date, and a Tribute Band

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The title makes more sense when you know exactly what's up, really.

Crusader Kings 3 May Be Entering Pre-Production Soon

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Fredrik Wester, the sitting CEO of Paradox Interactive, has very conspicuously hinted at the eventual development of a successor to Crusader Kings 2.

Paradox Interactive Decides To Scare Us All With... A Halloween Sale

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Despite recently seeing a bit of backlash on their decision to up the prices of their games, Paradox Interactive joins the Steam Halloween Sale with some hefty discounts.

Crusader Kings 2 heads to China with new expansion Jade Dragon, and we've got all the details [UPDATE: Release date and trailer inside!]

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Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon brings in China and ask you to keep the Emperor happy, with a tributary system so you can ply him with gold or concubines.

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