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I’m in a Dark Souls state of mind.

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Bloodborne Is Now On PC

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Bloodborne PC is now available, legally, for real. Although it may not be in the way you hoped.

Demon's Souls In 4K, 30FPS On PC With RPCS3

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Leading PS3 emulator RPCS3 received a major performance upgrade, allowing Dark Souls predecessor Demon Souls to run at 4k with 30FPS on PC.

Demon's Souls is playable on PC for the first time

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Thanks to the work of this emulation team, the PS3-only precursor to Dark Souls can now be played on PC.

Dark Souls III Patch 1.32 Re-Distributes The Hurt

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Dark Souls is officially done. After the release of The Ringed City, FromSoftware has concluded production on the series as a whole. But evidently, that doesn't mean the patches will stop anytime soon.

Venture To The Ends Of The Earth When The Final Expansion To Dark Souls III - The Ringed City - Launches In March

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If you were one of the fans to make Dark Souls III the fastest-selling entry in the whole series, there's a little something coming your way to claw you back to its punishing world. You're taking a trip to The Ringed City.

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