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Darksiders Summary

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Darksiders: Warmastered Edition brings the violent Zelda-like back with updated visuals

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Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition came out last year, bringing the action-adventure extra visual bells and whistles on modern consoles and PC. The reason why the second game was remastered first remains a mystery, but we’re at last getting the updated version of the original Darksiders this October.

Nordic Games respond to Darksiders rumours

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Darksiders designer Joe Madureira recently claimed that the fantasy action series was not dead, and it seems like he was talking sense. IP owners Nordic Games have responded by confirming that they are working on reviving the franchise, though it might be a while before we see it return.

Darksiders franchise "not dead" says designer Joe Madureira

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Darksiders designer Joe Madureira says the action fantasy series "is not dead", and that new IP owner Nordic Games is already planning the future of the franchise.

Nordic Games to release collections for Darksiders and Red Faction

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Both Darksiders and Red Faction are to receive their own 'Collection' editions where the entire series is bundled. Nordic Games bought the rights to the IPs from THQ, and these packs are to 'gauge the fans'.

The Darksiders Collection and the Red Faction Collection will be releasing PC and PS3, with only Darksiders also hitting Xbox 360. There is no set date for either pack yet.

Bilson proud of portfolio his team built "under duress" at THQ

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Former EVP of core games at THQ, Danny Bilson, recounts his time at the now extinct publisher, saying it was "brilliant at what it did" from 1991 to 2007 making a fortune for themselves and investors.

There were "legacy issues" which plagued the company, slowing them down. They went from casual and licensed titles to AAA but were "shutting studios the whole time," says Bilson.

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