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Daylight Latest News

Horror title Daylight out now, launch trailer released

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Daylight, the first-person survival-horror game from Zombie Studios, is out now. To mark that fact, the developers have released a launch trailer with some creepy goings on.

Two new Daylight trailers showcase game's procedurally generated creepy hospital

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Zombie Studios' survival horror game Daylight is out on April 29 for PC and PS4, and the developers have released two new videos showcasing its creepy abandoned hospital setting.

Levels in Daylight are procedurally generated, meaning that each fresh playthrough features an entirely different layout with new puzzles, maps and scares.

Unreal Engine 4-powered Daylight delayed three weeks, now out April 29th

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Zombie Studios' spooky Daylight won't be releasing April 8th after all as the studio pushes the Unreal Engine 4-powered game back to April 29th. It's so they can tune those "scare cues" to our horrific delight.

Current pre-orders for the game are a third off for $10. It releases on PC and PlayStation 4 at the end of the month. Its levels are procedurally generated to create a labyrinth.

Gamble: UE4-powered titles are "at least 50/50 - if not 70/30" new IPs

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Epic's Mike Gamble has said there's plenty of new properties on the way with Unreal Engine 4, with at least half being completely new IP. In fact a lot of studios are undertaking "franchise iteration and a new IP."

Early 2015 is "where a lot of them seem to be aiming." Epic maybe quiet now but they'll be "everywhere again," once the titles start to announce. "You'll be thoroughly sick of us!"

New trailer for Daylight emerges from the gloom

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First-person horror game Daylight just got a brand new trailer, showcasing the game's dank, abandoned hospital setting.

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