Daymare: 1998 Summary

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Daymare: 1998 Recruits Key Resident Evil Staff Members - Hits Kickstarter With $180k Goal

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With Resident Evil 7 hitting fever pitch and reignited the passion of classic Survival Horror, a number of Resident Evil veterans are looking toward the future.

Invader Studios working with Resident Evil artist on new Survival Horror game Daymare: 1998

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Invader Studios are mostly known for working on Resident Evil 2 Reborn, which was an unofficial remake that got quite a lot of attention on YouTube, although it was shutdown respectfully after Capcom announced that it was working on an official remake for Resident Evil 2.

With development now halted, Invader Studios have been able concentrate on its own game - Daymare: 1998. Satoshi Nakai is on board to help design the monsters, who was also the artist on Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Code Veronica.