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Dead Space 2 Summary


Dead Space 2 Review

The Necromorph are back to give us the willies all over again in Dead Space 2.

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Ex-Visceral Designer Supports EA's Move Away From Single-Player-Only Games

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Zach Wilson, former senior level designer at Visceral Games, supports EA in their belief of Games As A Service with no room for single-player only titles, expects publishers to "maximise their profits".

New Dead Space 3 video covers previous events from 1 and 2

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Electronic Arts has released a new Dead Space 3 video bringing all players new to the series up to speed by recapping the events of Dead Space and Dead Space 2.

South African retailer BT Games taking Dead Space 3 pre-orders

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Stealing EA's game announcement thunder is BT Games, a retailer from South Africa who's unashamedly courting gamers' money for pre-orders to Dead Space 3.

The problem is that EA is yet to officially name the title even exists. BT Games are notorious leakers having outed Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and Jak & Daxter HD Collection.

Dead Space 2 originally far more difficult

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According to Dead Space 2 combat and control designer Brian Bartram the original build of the game was far more difficult, and beta-tester struggles led developer Visceral Games to scale back the difficulty on a number of levels.

Report claims EA to create FPS and flight game with Dead Space IP

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Publisher EA wants to exploit the Dead Space universe more according to a report, by developing a first-person shooter and a flight game of some kind, followed by 'Uncharted in space'.

Dead Space 3 is said to be Isaac Clarke's last adventure and set on an ice planet, where the white blizzards will replace eerie darkness; it remains an unofficial title.

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