Dead Space 2 Features

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Preview: Isaac is back, and so are the nasties... here's our latest Dead Space 2 preview..

There was plenty of returning IP at the Eurogamer Expo this year, including the dark, atmospheric bombshell that is Dead Space. No matter what your opinion is on the original, Dead Space 2 is undeniably looking scary as hell, with some magnificent set-pieces and cutscenes ready to blow your mind. In the same way that Uncharted 2 refined the original Nathan Drake...

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Preview: Behind the mask... (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

In Dead Space 2, we get to see the birth of the human-assimilating alien before getting the chance to eviscerate and slice them up into tiny pieces with surgical precision all over again. Shown an hour long hands off demo of the game's current build, Visceral Games' Steve Patsoutsis, Executive Producer for Dead Space 2, takes us through the first new weapon to begin with – the javelin gun. A...