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Dead Space 2 Latest News

New Dead Space 3 video covers previous events from 1 and 2

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Electronic Arts has released a new Dead Space 3 video bringing all players new to the series up to speed by recapping the events of Dead Space and Dead Space 2.

South African retailer BT Games taking Dead Space 3 pre-orders

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Stealing EA's game announcement thunder is BT Games, a retailer from South Africa who's unashamedly courting gamers' money for pre-orders to Dead Space 3.

The problem is that EA is yet to officially name the title even exists. BT Games are notorious leakers having outed Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and Jak & Daxter HD Collection.

Dead Space 2 originally far more difficult

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According to Dead Space 2 combat and control designer Brian Bartram the original build of the game was far more difficult, and beta-tester struggles led developer Visceral Games to scale back the difficulty on a number of levels.

Report claims EA to create FPS and flight game with Dead Space IP

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Publisher EA wants to exploit the Dead Space universe more according to a report, by developing a first-person shooter and a flight game of some kind, followed by 'Uncharted in space'.

Dead Space 3 is said to be Isaac Clarke's last adventure and set on an ice planet, where the white blizzards will replace eerie darkness; it remains an unofficial title.

Dead Space 3 plot 'leaks out'

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According to a source close to EA's Dead Space 3 project, protagonist engineer Isaac Clarke will be enduring more of a mental breakdown as time goes on.

An apparition of sorts, dubbed 'Shadow Isaac', will be taunting our guy for his failures throughout. It's not known if this is the result of something alien.

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