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Millions of accounts breached in Dota 2 forum hack

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The International is running through the weekend, and while the annual championships for one of the biggest games in the world is cause for celebration, Dota fans also have some less exciting news. A recent hack has left millions of official forum users with a whole lot of exposed information.

The International Compendium launches in DOTA 2

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Valve have launched the 2016 International Compendium for DOTA 2, introducing a whole new batch of quests, wagers, taunts and more.

Taken directly from the DOTA 2 blog: “Battle Pass owners can undertake in-game Quests, stake Wagering Tokens to score Battle Points, and pitch in on a series of Community Challenges, all while pushing your Battle Level along a path of rewards to unlock a digital trove of items. With an initial bundle of myriad items and Immortal Treasures to open, loads of Level Rewards to earn, and two different terrains to explore, the gallery of rewards is nearly endless.”

Get ready for Mister Handy to announce your Dota 2 matches

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Dota 2 fans are getting a special treat for pre-ordering Fallout 4 on Windows PC. Recently a bonus has been included that will allow players to download a Fallout 4 Announcer Pack for use with Dota 2. According to the Steam page, players will be able to "replace the Default announcer and Mega-Kills announcer with the voice of everyone’s favorite robotic butler, Mister Handy."

Double Fine project lead Brad Muir moving to Valve

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Double Fine project lead Brad Muir has revealed that he is joining Valve Software later this year.

Valve announces initial line-up for Dota 2 tournament The Frankfurt Major

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Valve has announced the eight teams that will take part in Dota 2 competition The Frankfurt Major, the first in a major league of tournaments leading up to The International 2016.

Running from November 16 - 21, the tournament will feature the following star teams - returning champions EG, plus CDEC, LGD, Vici Gaming, EHOME, Virtus.Pro, Team Secret and Vega Squadron.

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