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Don’t Starve Together leaves Early Access on 21st April

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Don't Starve is a great little indie gothic survival game from Klei Entertainment that was released on the PC back in 2013. It became a hit very quickly, which lead to two expansions - Reign of Giants and Caves – and a co-op component that was called Don't Starve Together.

Klei announced today that Don't Starve Together, which has been in early access since December 2014, will enter into full release on 21st April.

Klei's entire line up is free to play on Steam this weekend

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Klei is a studio that has produced some very impressive games since they've been around. The studio just passed their 10 year anniversary and to celebrate, they're putting their whole line-up on sale and letting you try it free this weekend.

Don't Starve's multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together available now free for owners of the core game

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Owners of Klei Entertainment's Gothic survival game Don't Starve now have access to Don’t Starve Together, its co-operative multiplayer component.

Interestingly, the multiplayer mode is not actually finished yet; it was released on Early Access in December last year, and set to be released for free to owners of the core game once it was completed. Klei has decided to push that release forward, but they will continue to work on update patches and bits of new content.

Reign of Giants expansion content added to Don't Starve Together today

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Klei Entertainment has sneaked Don't Starve expansion Reign of Giants' content into the survival game's standalone multiplayer spin-off Don’t Starve Together a bit earlier than expected, along with a few tweaks to the core game's mechanics.

Don't Starve Together opening up beta in December, free content due in Spring 2015

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Klei Entertainment has posted a roadmap for Don't Starve, specifically the new multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together. The studio is going to give beta keys to all 80,000 registrations who signed up.

There's also free content on the horizon with Through the Ages, which is out in Spring 2015. For those who really want in the beta, Klei have announced the Frontier Pack for 'safe' purchases.

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