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Nobody expected the Inquisition. To be this good.

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Dragon Age 4 May Be Revealed Tomorrow, But it's 3 Years Away

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There will definitely be a big Dragon Age announcement in December, likely a Dragon Age 4 reveal at the Game Awards, but the game's release date is apparently 3 years away at least.

Dragon Age creator David Gaider leaves Beamdog

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The lead writer on Bioware's Dragon Age series joined Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition developer Beamdog in 2016 as creative director, but today has announced he has left the company.

Bioware has plans for the next two Dragon Age games, but not the ending

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Director Mike Laidlaw says that, unlike Mass Effect, Dragon Age was not written with an ending in mind.

Alexis Kennedy Is Working On A "Well-segregated" Piece Of Lore For Bioware's New Dragon Age Project

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While we're never all too sure what each Bioware studio might be working on in secret, there's one project that hasn't really kept itself under wraps all that well - Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Game of The Year Edition set for release this October

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By the time the credits rolled on BioWare's epically huge Dragon Age: Inquisition I was pretty much burnt out on the game, despite really enjoying it.

There's been three major expansion packs since then, the reception for which has ranged from a resounding “eh” to – in the case of the recent Trespasser – something a bit more positive.

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