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Dreamfall Chapters To Get 'Final Cut' Improvements Before Its Console Release

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Having theoretically come to an end in the middle of last year, the developers of Dreamfall Chapters aren't quite through with it yet. There's a little more to come real soon.

Dreamfall Chapters teases its final entry

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Dreamfall Chapters, the episodic followup to the Longest Journey and Dreamfall, released its first chapter way back in October 2014. Now, nearly two years later, the final episode is on the horizon. I’d say it’s been a long journey to get here, but I don’t have any kids so I’m unqualified for that level of dad joke.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Three coming June 25th, Zoe Trailer Released

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Red Thread Games have released a new trailer for the third episode of Dreamfall Chapters, book three.

In this trailer we see the first gameplay footage for the third chapter of the series and learn that it will be released on 25th June, 2015.

Red Thread release official trailer for Dreamfall Chapters Book Two

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The new official trailer that was promised by developer Red Thread Games is here finally for Book Two of Dreamfall Chapters, the episodic adventure. The next episode will be launching in a couple of weeks on March 10th.

The new trailer is full of snippets from the next Book called Rebels. In Dreamfall Chapters we control two different characters that live in parallel universes; one cyberpunk and the other fantasy.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels dated March 10th

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Yet more dates are being crammed into our calendars and this time it's Dreamfall Chapters' next episode, which is 'Book Two: Rebels' and continues where the first left off with Kian Alvane and Zoe Castillo in their own worlds.

There's a whole new city to explore with Rebels and so we'll be traipsing around Marcuria. A new trailer teasing Book Two is expected next week. Five books are planned for Dreamfall Chapters.

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