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Driver: San Francisco Features

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Interview: We talk about cars, comas and Capture the Flag...

Fast cars, fast chases, and fast... comas? Driver: San Francisco may contain some unusual elements for a franchise that prides itself on classic Hollywood style driving, but there is a clear vision for this game that may yet shake the genre. Just ask Producer Marie-Jo Leroux and Senior Designer Jean-Sebastien Decant. You may be surprised... color:...

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Preview: We went hands on with Driver: San Francisco...

Ok ok - I'll admit, when I first heard about the coma thing, I was sceptical too. I made jokes, if I wasn't obligated to play it as part of my job, I probably would have even dismissed this title out of hand. But you know what? I'm glad I gave it a chance - unorthodox Driver: San Francisco may be, but it carries with it the potential to shake the genre up like never before, and...