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Join Or Fight Against The Ruthless Albs Faction In This New ELEX Gameplay Trailer

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Mixing eerie ice caves with plasma-imbued swords sounds a little off the wall. And it is, really. From the folks behind Risen and Gothic comes ELEX - a sci-fi fantasy concoction releasing in just under two weeks.

THQ Nordic Announce Release Dates For Battle Chasers, ELEX And SpellForce 3 Ahead Of E3

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E3 is dead! It certainly isn't, but we're seeing more and more big information drops and leaks come out before what used to be a time for great waves of excitement. Potentially aiming to dodge the information rush, THQ Nordic have announced the release dates for their 3 big 2017 titles.

THQ Nordic reveals release date for ELEX with new Cinematic Trailer

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THQ Nordic has revealed in a new Cinematic Trailer for ELEX that the game will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 17th October, 2017.

The Cinematic Trailer showcases the player's journey in ELEX, as they progress through the game making faction choices and character progression options to shape the road ahead.

Meet The Nature-Loving Berserkers In This New ELEX Trailer

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If you were into RPG classics like Gothic and Risen, there's another from the same team on the horizon. Coming from Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic, ELEX is building up steam with a new trailer.

ELEX preliminary PC system requirements released

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It's been awhile since Piranha Games has offered anything new about their current project, an open-world RPG by the name of ELEX. The developer of the Gothic series of RPGs announced ELEX back in July and still has a ways to go to its release. Nonetheless, preliminary PC requirements have been released on Steam.