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After years of wait, Empire: Total War has finally invaded PCs around the world. But did it deliver as promised? Strategy Informer finds out...

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Creative Assembly and NetEase Partner to Publish Total War in China

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The historical titles in the Total War series will be published in China by NetEase, alongside the freshly announced CCG Total War: Elysium.

Creative Assembly Gives Definitive Editions To Three Classic Total War Titles

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The Medieval II: Total War, Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War Definitive Editions include the base games and all released DLCs.

Sega releases '15 years of Total War' retrospective video; teases Warhammer adaptation in the process

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To celebrate fifteen years of Total War games, Sega has released a retrospective video that charts the course of franchise from inception to present day.

Most tantalizingly, the trailer also appears to tease the Total War: Warhammer game that developer Creative Assembly apparently has on the boil but has yet to make official.

Free-to-play 'typically lose 70%' of initial users, warns former Total War designer

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Jan van der Crabben, former designer for Empire: Total War, has warned his fellows that studios should brace themselves for a 70% drop-off of initial registered users with their free-to-play titles.

Speaking at a GDC Europe keynote, Crabben said whilst the majority play for a little bit and then leave to never return, those who make it a fourth day will generally keep coming back.

New Total War game already in the works, the team "never stop"

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Creatively Assembly have shipped Total War: Shogun 2 and now have the Aliens IP to work on, but that doesn't mean history gets a break from the UK studio.

Already they're digging into their next Total War chapter, which they were working on "whilst we were finishing Shogun 2", said studio director Tim Heaton.

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