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Endless Space 2 Summary


Endless Space 2 Review

Time to be Endless again.

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Endless Space 2 Patch Notes - Update 1.0.20

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Gearing up for Early Access around this time last year, Endless Space 2 has enjoyed a rigorous development time. Headed up as the sequel to Amplitude's original Endless Space 4X strategy game, the sequel is attempting to expand on everything that managed to make the original a household name within the strategy community.

Amplitude Studios Apologizes For Breaking Endless Space 2 Through Its Last Patch

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In the case of Amplitude Studios and Endless Space 2, plans to keep momentum high after release were shot down when rushed out content meant injecting game-breaking bugs into the public version of the game.

Endless Space 2 Will Fully Launch In 9 Days With Its Eighth Major Faction - The Unfallen

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After no more than 8 months in Early Access, Endless Space 2 is just about ready for full release. But content is needed to celebrate the feat; the eighth major faction is coming.

After Months In Early Access, Endless Space 2 Will Release On May 19 With A Sleek Boxed Edition

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From releasing its third major update just a few weeks ago to heading into its full release, Endless Space 2 has finally reached maturity. It's heading out of Early Access in just a month's time.

The Riftborn, 8-Player Multiplayer And Various Tweaks And Changes Make Up Endless Space 2's Third Major Update

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Still pressing on with Early Access, Endless Space 2 is to receive its third major update on March 23 - coinciding with another space-based drama.

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