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Time to be Endless again.

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Endless Space 2 Renegade Fleets: Surprise Update Released

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The latest in a long line of surprise updates for Amplitude's flagship titles is focused specifically on enriching your selection of spaceships and their customisations.

Endless Series Goes Free-To-Play For The Weekend

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Ever been interested in any of the Endless games but couldn't make up your mind on whether you should splurge or not? Guess what...

Amplitude: Two New Major Expansions Coming Really Soon

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With two new major expansion in development - one for Endless Space 2 and one for Endless Legend, it's a wonder that Amplitude have any time left to breathe. We've got the release dates, too.

The Best Turn Based Strategy Games On PC

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While some might prefer the frantic pace of real-time strategy games where you hit macros like you're speed-typing, the slow, calm and calculated air of the turn-based strategy game call to those players who like to plan extensively and enjoy carefully crafted plots and tactics boiling over in slow-cooked tension. Mmmmmm.

All Endless games are up to 75% off until tomorrow

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As part of the Endless Day sale for Amplitude Studios' 7th Anniversary, all Endless games are up to 75% off - including Endless Space 2. But it's only on until Thursday!

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