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F1 2014 Summary


F1 2014 Review

Continuation rather than innovation.

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Formula One demands F1 mods be removed from RaceDepartment's site

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The marketing department has demanded that hosting site RaceDepartment remove all of the user-created F1 licensed mods from its library, including mods for Automobilista, F1 2013 and F1 2014.

First screens of F1 2015 leaked, show off improved lighting and anti-aliasing affects

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The first few screenshots from Codemasters' F1 2015, the first game in the series to be developed with current-gen tech in mind, have been leaked on Facebook. The screens appear to be taken from some sort of internal project status report.

You can see a few of the graphical upgrades coming to the franchise, such as notably improved lighting and temporal anti aliasing. Basically everything that the lackluster and visually flat F1 2014 was missing.

Report: UK developer Codemasters hit with round of layoffs

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UK studio Codemasters, best known for the Grid and Dirt racing franchises, is set for a round of layoffs focused on the company's marketing and IT departments, according to reports.

Eurogamer claims sources close to UK studio Codemasters informed them that around 50 jobs are being reviewed, with around 30 of those to be affected.

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