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F1 2016 Bows Out Of The Race With One Major Final Patch

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F1 2016 is all done and dusted. Receiving one final patch in the first month of 2017, it's time to say goodbye to on-going support.

F1 2016 announces multiplayer support for twenty-two players online

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Did you know F1 is the official videogame of the 2016 FIA FORUMA ONE WORLD CHAMPSIONSHIP? Seriously, that’s exactly what this thing says, and it’s in full caps no less. Anyway, the official videogame of this racing championship thing has added support for up to twenty-two players online. Now you can race against your friends, your family, your friend’s family and a few other people all together!

In addition to this great multiplayer change, Codemasters and Koch Media have introduced a variety of new features to the game, including the Formation Lap and manual starts. If you missed the most recent announcements to F1 2016, the developers have revealed the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car will feature alongside manual race starts, adding pressure on the driver as they sit on the grid.

Codemasters confirms F1 2016 in development, promises major new feature

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Codemasters has teased in their official blog that F1 2016 will be coming next year, and that it will represent a new step in the series with a surprise awaiting.

According to the studio, F1 2016 is currently in production. "Most of the team have now moved onto F1 2016 and are working on some new and exciting features, including a couple of must-haves which we know are important to you," stated PR manager Jenny Rainford..

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