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Far Cry 5 Officially Unveiled Through Ubisoft Teaser Trailer - More Planned For May 26

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Nothing these days seems to last until the traditional E3 press conference blow-out. Mentioned last week as certainly being in attendance, Far Cry 5 now has its setting - Hope County, Montana.

E3 2015: Ubisoft's Press Conference today @ 3.00pm PDT / 11.00pm GMT+1 - Watch it here! FINISHED

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Finishing off today's round of press conferences will be Ubisoft which begins 3.00pm PDT / 11.00pm GMT+1. There are some delicious morsels on the menu this year with the newly announced Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

In the Tom Clancy IP arena we have Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. We're being teased there's a number of surprises from Ubisoft, like another totally rad Far Cry spin-off?

Far Cry 4 developer Ubisoft Montreal is raising money for the Nepalese earthquake relief

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Far Cry 4's beautiful mountain nation of Kyrat was largely inspired by Nepal, a country that has recently been hit by a horribly destructive 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The development team behind the shooter have pulled together to match up to $100,000 in donations to the Canadian Red Cross, one of several aid organisations responding to the crisis.

Far Cry 4's abominable Valley of the Yetis DLC drops on March 10

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Far Cry 4 gets some abominable snowmen later this March. To be honest, part of me kind of wants to end this news post right there. That's really all you need to know.

Okay then, some more info. Valley of the Yetis drops hero Ajay Ghale in the middle of a lost valley inhabited by some crazy cultists and their Yeti overlords. Commence the violence.

Ubisoft reinstates 'fraudulent' Far Cry 4 keys for those who've already played the game

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Ubisoft is reactivating some of the Far Cry 4 keys it cancelled last week, allowing players who purchased the game from third-party sites to reclaim their copy.

The offer is open to anyone who had already logged on and played the game prior to the cancellation, but the company reserves the right to cancel fraudulently purchased keys in the future.

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