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Final Fantasy XI Online Summary

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Want To Try Square Enix's 15-Year Old MMORPG? Final Fantasy XI Opens Its Doors For 2 Weeks Of Free Play

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We'll forgive you for thinking Final Fantasy XIV was the franchise's first MMORPG. After all, with such a shoddy start as '1.0' it really felt like Square Enix had no idea what they were doing. But what if we told you it wasn't their first rodeo? That they actually preceded Blizzard's entry into the market by a whopping 2 years? And that their efforts are still going?

Final Fantasy XI getting huge new update in celebration of 12th anniversary

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Square Enix are celebrating the 12th anniversary of the launch of Final Fantasy XI by bringing a huge new update to the long-running MMO. Players can expect new weapons, new missions, a new campaign and more.

Square Enix would "definitely be interested in pursuing" future PC Final Fantasy

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The Final Fantasy series, outside of MMOs, hasn't been visiting the PC space much. There's the occasional HD-remake that strikes out on desktops but major modern instalments have all stuck to console.

That could very likely change, according to Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase. Final Fantasy XIII was built on PC but then later ported, as Square was 'unsure of PC'.

Final Fantasy XI 11th Anniversary celebrated with new content

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Square Enix has announced that the company will be celebrating the 11th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI with two new "Return Home to Vana'diel" campaigns, along with a December update.

Square Enix announces Project Flare, launches in next 2-3 years

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Cloud gaming isn't really what it should be, says Square Enix's Jacob Navok, director of business development. All that's happening right now are companies just "putting a console in the data center," and streaming.

Square believe game design itself should be shifting with the Cloud, not just a shift in distribution. This is where Project Flare enters the scene, which promises "new ways of interacting with content".

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