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Jesper Kyd "would love to work with BioWare again"

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Composer Jesper Kyd who has produced quite the resume in terms of scores for video games judges what projects he'll work on if it grants opportunity to "create something original, not who's developing it."

Having said that though he'd "love to work with BioWare" once again, having partnered with them for MDK2. Kyd also said he was "humbled" by the "overwhelming reception" to his Assassin's Creed II score.

Hitman's IO 'definitely interested' in Freedom Fighters IP still

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Responding to a fan, developer IO Interactive says Freedom Fighters is "definitely something" a lot of the team are "interested in doing," but will they?

Right now the "focus is on Hitman: Absolution." Freedom Fighters stars a New York plumber rising to lead a full rebellion against a Soviet invasion.