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Have the wanzer evolved or are we dealing with mech mutants?.

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New DLC for Front Mission Evolved revealed

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Square Enix has provided us with some information on new DLC for Front Mission Evolved. There's a couple that are free, but there's also a few you'll need to pay for.

All this DLC will be available following 2nd November, across all platforms in Europe.

Square Enix details TGS line-up

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Publisher Square Enix has 12 titles planned for this year's Tokyo Game Show, but 2 big Final Fantasy instalments are missing from the list.

That would be Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, despite a nod from director Tetsuya Nomura saying they'd be at the event.

Front Mission Evolved October 8th

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Square Enix has announced Front Mission Evolved will release October 8th with pre-order bonus 'Wanzers' on offer from select retailers.

It's a third-person action game set in the Front Mission series, which is a break from its usual turn-based RPG. It's for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Front Mission 3 heading for PSN

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Square Enix is bringing the original PlayStation's Front Mission 3 to the PS3 and PSP via the PlayStation Network, which sports up to "150 hours".

It's a "strategy sci-fi adventure" with 2 independent stories to follow as you command huge battle machines called 'Wanzers' in turn-based combat.

Front Mission Evolved delay US only, Europe still September 17th

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Publisher Square Enix has said the delay of mech-combat game Front Mission Evolved affects only the US release, whereas Europe is fine.

Double Helix's Xbox 360, PS3 and PC title will hit Europe September 17th as planned. It's got "Hollywood-style production values" says Square.

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