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Chris Capel is running, tripping, and stumbling through the Gauntlet.

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Arrowhead to release a “free major content update” for last year's Gauntlet reboot

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Arrowhead Studios, the team best known for cult wizard-em-up Magicka, released a modern reboot of classic dungeon-crawling hack and slash Gauntlet last year - unfortunately, it never quite reached the heights of the studio's previous game.

Never say never, though. The team's been hard at work on the game, fixing what didn't work and adding some new features. That means a big old content update is on the way.

Gauntlet gets free Colosseum mode update and new Necromancer character DLC

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Hack and slasher Gauntlet has been updated to version 1.1, and alongside a big list of tweaks and fixes there's a new Colosseum mode, and a brand new character DLC.

Lilith the Necromancer is the new heroine, a “practitioner of the dark arts” who can summon skeletons to attack foes and 'Ghostwalk' through enemies.

Gauntlet reboot now due September 23rd, announces Warner Bros.

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The dungeon crawling return of Gauntlet will be out of reach just a while longer as Warner Bros. Interactive has unveiled September 23rd as its new launch date for PC.

A wizard robe has been included as a bonus item for all who've pre-ordered Gauntlet as a thank you from WBIE. It will also support SteamOS and Steam Machines in 2015.

Gauntlet reboot to be released on September 3

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Arrowhead Game Studios' remake of the classic hack and slash co-op title Gauntlet is coming on September 3, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed.

It will set you back $19.99 on the Steam store, and there are a couple of additional pre-order bonuses, namely a digital comic and two in-game items.

Warner Bros. announce "modernized" action RPG of Gauntlet for Steam

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Another slice of the 1980s is on the way as Warner Bros. Interactive announces the "completely modernized" reboot of Gauntlet, which will bring the action RPG dungeon crawler to Steam this summer.

It will fully support SteamOS, and therefore Steam Machines, and will "lead the launch" of WB Games Vault, a direct-to-digital label that will offer classic and original IPs.

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