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Can the Sandstorm expansion help sort out the Global issues?

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Hi-Rez need "solid group" of alpha testers for Tribes Universe

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Development of MMOFPS Tribes Universe is well underway and Hi-Rez Studios has opened up to more applicants for its alpha testing phase.

It was restricted to level 50 Global Agenda users but they need more to pad the roster. It's focused on the game's "huge battles on huge landscapes".

Global Agenda "offering refugees" of closed APB deal for MMO

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Shooter MMO Global Agenda, proving their namesake, isn't shy about wanting to corral ex-users of Realtime Worlds' APB and offers a limited deal.

The studio "mourn" the loss of a fellow shooter MMO says Global Agenda boss Todd Harris. The low deal price ends September 24th. No monthly subs.

Global Agenda UK date stamped

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Hi-Rez Studios' free-to-play MMOFPS Global Agenda will be available in UK shops September 10th, with the Sandstorm add-on included.

Other European regions will get localized versions too, like Germany for October 29th. Global Agenda has been up digitally since February.

Global Agenda now free-to-play

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Hi-Rez Studios' MMO Global Agenda is giving the royal boot to optional subscription fees as the sci-fi shooter embraces free-to-play completely.

It will support itself by charging for optional expansions, though the first add-on will be released for free. Steam is currently running a sale.

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