Halo: The Master Chief Collection Latest Updates

Halo MCC PC Flighting Beta Tests will not happen before E3

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Halo MCC's public beta will, sadly, not launch before this year's E3, according to the latest word from developers.

Rumour: Epic Is Trying To Nab Halo MCC and Other Microsoft Games on PC

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Epic Games is rumored to have its sights on Microsoft's Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which is said to arrive "soon" to PC.

Halo Reach Beta Testing Will Begin "In a Matter of Weeks"... but Not on PC

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The Halo Reach Beta start date will happen within a few weeks with the Halo Insider program, but PC fans will have to wait a while longer.

Halo Reach PC won't have Microtransactions

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According to developers at 343, Halo: Reach will not have microtransactions on PC, though a new multiplayer progression system is, in fact, being developed.

Halo 5 Steam - Is Halo 5 Coming to PC?

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Latest developments make us think that it might.

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