Halo: The Master Chief Collection Latest Updates

Halo Reach PC won't have Microtransactions

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According to developers at 343, Halo: Reach will not have microtransactions on PC, though a new multiplayer progression system is, in fact, being developed.

Halo 5 Steam - Is Halo 5 Coming to PC?

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Latest developments make us think that it might.

Halo PC Online - Will PC Gamers Have to Pay To Play Halo Multiplayer Online?

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Recently there's been some murmur about PC gamers having to pay for Xbox Live to play Halo MCC online via Steam...

Halo MC Collection PC Announced for Steam, Will Be Episodic

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Halo Master Chief Collection PC has been announced at last. It will include all games, including Halo Reach, and it'll be on Steam as well as Microsoft Store. It'll also be an episodic release.

Halo MC Collection Surface Hub Listing Suggests a PC Version is Coming

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Halo Master Chief Collection PC may be announced this week, but a weird listing on Microsoft's own store is either a mistake or something to pay attention to.

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