HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

EU & US Release date: 11 Mar, 2014
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HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft Latest News

Lock In Your Hearthstone Pack Purchases As Prices Are Set To Rise

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If you take your Hearthstone seriously, you may want to look into pre-purchasing your card packs in bulk. The prices are set to skyrocket in the UK and Europe.

Journey To Un'Goro Releases In April Bringing 135 New Cards And Several New Types To Hearthstone

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Just as expected, the first expansion of the year to Blizzard's Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will take us into the depths of the Un'goro Crater.

Blizzard Will Begin Phasing Out Windows XP/Vista By The End Of The Year

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Just like how Square Enix wants people to move away from the limits of a 32-bit operating system, Blizzard wants to phase out relics of the past.

Hearthstone 'Year of the Mammoth' - Everything We Know About The Game's Latest Refresh

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Feeling a little burned out on the current Hearthstone meta? There's some major shake-ups planned for around the release of the game's first expansion of 2017.

World of Warcraft Token Values Skyrocket As Blizzard Allows Them To Be Used As Currency In Their Other Games

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Whether your Warcraft days are behind you, the days of the WoW Token are not. That shiny coin Blizzard added as a way for rich characters to pay for subscriptions isn't going anywhere. In actuality, it just got a whole lot more versatile.

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