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Hearts of Iron IV Summary


Hearts of Iron IV Review

Does the fourth return to World War II’s frontlines reign victorious?

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Paradox reveal new China expansion for Hearts of Iron IV

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The latest DLC expansion for Hearts of Iron IV is Waking The Tiger, and will task players with repelling the Imperial Japanese invasion prior to World War Two.

Paradox Interactive Decides To Scare Us All With... A Halloween Sale

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Despite recently seeing a bit of backlash on their decision to up the prices of their games, Paradox Interactive joins the Steam Halloween Sale with some hefty discounts.

Paradox Interactive is sending out free games to anyone affected by the price rollback

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If you bought a game during Paradox's misguided price increase earlier this year you should be getting details on how to claim a free game as compensation.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 Exceeded Paradox Interactive's Pre-Order Expectations - Q2 2017 Revenue Up 23%

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Paradox Interactive went into 2010 as a fairly niche company focusing their efforts on Grand Strategy games that captivated all but the most experiences armchair generals. Fast-forward to 2017, however, and you'll see a publicly traded powerhouse that's buying up every strategy studio it can find. And it's working.

Paradox Interactive Brings E3 To Strategy Fans - Releases Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Univesalis Expansions

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While E3 starts to wind down after an exhausting - if not exciting - week of gaming goodness, Paradox Interactive have those covered who'd rather spend the time conquering the world while the rest eyeballs games far further down the release calendar.

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