Hearts of Iron IV Features

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Preview: Nick Horth has a heart of iron, but a brain of damp cotton wool.

It’s impressive just how much variation Paradox manages to squeeze out of the venerable Clausewitz engine, the backbone of its grand strategy library. You’ve got grimy in-fighting and incest simulator Crusader Kings, a more elegant and diplomatic take on world politics in Europa...

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Preview: The Greatest Generation Returns.

In many ways, Hearts of Iron III was a bit of a problem child for Paradox Interactive. A grand-strategy WW2 wargame, it was wonderfully ambitious, but a bit bloated and ultimately flawed in execution. Still, for wargamer's and fans of grand-strategy games, it was the perfect marriage of two different but very compelling sub-genres. More importantly though, the pains and gains of Hearts of...

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Preview: How to launch a cowardly surprise attack on a potential ally.

As freeform as Paradox strategy games are at heart, there’s always a certain amount of predictability, at least initially, in the way most games play out; England and France will kick off at each other as soon as possible in Crusader Kings 2, while the Holy Roman Empire takes its pick of Europe’s choicest cuts during the early stages of