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Techland shows off first footage from reworked hack-and-slasher Hellraid

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Here's a video from Techland showing off the first level of first-person dungeon crawler Hellraid, which is currently being reworked for current-gen consoles and Windows PC.

Narrated by two members of the Techland team, the video contains footage taken from a recent livestream. It's the first time we've seen the new version of the game in action.

Techland's fantasy dungeon-crawler Hellraid 'upgraded', Early Access later in 2014

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Dead Island's Techland has re-announced Hellraid for PC, Xbox One and PS4 as their previous version of the game is scrapped as they move away from Xbox 360 and PS3. The studio has redesigned the dungeon crawler.

Its four character classes have been merged into one, which all powers now accessible. Hellraid is now also using Chrome Engine 6, the same engine behind Techland's Dying Light.

Techland's Hellraid undergoing redesign, delayed into 2014

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Dead Island creator Techland has announced a delay for Hellraid, their spell flinging FPS, as the studio pursues additional features for both single-player and co-op game modes. It's now due sometime in 2014.

They would have made "too many compromises" if it launched this year, meaning they "probably wouldn't meet" expectations. The magic system is being redesigned.

Techland releases interactive gameplay video for Hellraid

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Techland has released a new interactive gameplay trailer for its upcoming "co-op slasher" first person RPG Hellraid. The trailer, called Edyn’s Escape, is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style branched storyline where the gamer is given two sets of actions to choose from.

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