Infinite Crisis Features

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Interview: Nick Horth chats with developer Leo Tan about all things Infinite Crisis.

Turbine's DC MOBA title Infinite Crisis is just a few days away from an open beta release, and promises many hours of superhero violence and getting shouted at by your own team for being rubbish. At a recent preview event, I got the chance to speak with developer Leo Tan about the game. Strategy Informer: First...

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Preview: Nick Horth does his best to solve the crisis on infinite worlds by controlling a metal Superman and throwing cars about. He fails.

Turbine, nominally known as an MMO developer, are trying their hand at the heavily contested MOBA genre this time around with Infinite Crisis. I recently got to spend some time with the DC title (this mostly involved me getting my backside tanned by opposing teams), and there are definitely signs that the big-hitters of the genre might have some competition. The name of the game...