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Iron Brigade Latest News

Double Fine project lead Brad Muir moving to Valve

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Double Fine project lead Brad Muir has revealed that he is joining Valve Software later this year.

Double Fine re-secures rights to Iron Brigade, releases new Steam update that fixes the game's matchmaking service

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Double Fine has re-secured the rights to its World War I tower defense shooter Iron Brigade, which debuted on Xbox back in 2011, and hit the PC a year later. The studio's not only gained the rights to self-publish their game, they've also scooped up the IP itself - I wouldn't be surprised if we see a sequel at some point.

To celebrate the news, Double Fine has released an update to the Steam version of the game, which adds various bug fixes and improvements, and replaces the original matchmaking with Steamworks support.

Double Fine "still trying" to secure Stacking and Costume Quest IPs

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Tim Schafer has confirmed his studio is "still trying to get the rights" to their bite size properties Stacking and Costume Quest, which were picked up by Nordic Games during the THQ auction.

They're even after Brutal Legend from EA and Iron Brigade from Microsoft. They want to bring full IP and distribution rights "in house." Later in 2013, Double Fine's Kickstarter project releases.

Double Fine officially announces Iron Brigade for PC

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Tim Schafer's development studio, Double Fine, has announced on the official blog that the popular Xbox Live Arcade comedic mech game, Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched), will be hitting PC.

Tim Schafer hasn't given up on AAA games

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The last major retail release by developer Tim Schafer was 2009's Brutal Legend, and since then, his company Double Fine's output has been smaller, digitally distributed titles like Stacking, Iron Brigade and Costume Quest, or developmental age games like Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster and Happy Action Theater. He has not, however, given up on major AAA titles.

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