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At The Gates "almost destroyed" Civilization designer Jon Shafer

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Read the story of Civ 5 designer Jon Shafer, and how his latest project very nearly ruined him.

Civilization 5 Designer Jon Shafer's At The Gates Launches In January

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After a lengthy period in limbo, Jon Shafer's At The Gates is finally set to release.

Civilization V Lead Designer Jon Shafer Leaves Paradox 6 Months After Joining [UPDATE: At The Gates Kickstarter Updated!]

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After joining Paradox Interactive in May, Jon Shafer has parted ways with the publisher over "creative differences" - and his Kickstarter for At The Gates still hasn't been updated.

Jon Shafer explains latest At the Gates delay

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Civilization V game designer Jon Shafer has posted a new update on the Kickstarter page for his successfully funded project At the Gates, which can best be described as an empire building game set during late antiquity. That is, Europe during the time of the Roman Empire.

Jon Shafer's At the Gates, coming exclusively to PC in Q1 2014

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Jon Shafer, lead designer of Sid Meier’s Civilization V, revealed this afternoon that he's working with Conifer Games to develop a new 4X turn-based historical empire builder for the PC called Jon Shafer’s At the Gates.

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