Just Cause 4 Latest Updates

Just Cause 4 DLC Roadmap Revealed, Challenges and Free DLC Coming

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Square Enix and Avalanche have revealed the Just Cause 4 DLC Roadmap to show the new features coming to the game in the next few months, including free DLC and Monthly Challenges.

Just Cause 4 Patch Notes Update - JC3 Rico Skin and 4K Rendering Solution

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Just Cause 4's latest patch adds the Just Cause 3 Rico Legacy Skin alongside a set of other improvements.

Just Cause 4 Soundtrack - Listen to the Songs Featured in Just Cause 4

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It's no secret that Just Cause 4 has got some really good soundtrack bolstering its non-stop action scenes, and it's no wonder some might be interested in listening to its selection of songs outside the game, too. That's where we come in.

Just Cause 4 Take On Me - How to Find Take On Me Easter Egg

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Here's another wacky easter egg for you to enjoy in Just Cause 4. This time - no cows included. Or are there?

Just Cause 4 Generators - How to Destroy Generators

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Generators are a particularly pesky obstacle for Rico in Just Cause 4. We know how to wreck them for good, though.

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