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Squad, developers of Kerbal Space Program claim ex-employees’ comments do not reflect reality

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The founders of Squad have responded to the allegations made by ex-employees through an official statement on Kerbal Space Program’s website. Squad claim the comments made are not representative of the company, and that they will listen to all criticisms of their company and/or game.

The allegations by Squad’s ex-employees stated the company paid their employees less than $3,000 a year, despite the incredible success of Kerbal Space Program. In the statement posted on the company’s website, Squad state: ”In Squad we are very proud of having a very united team, committed to creating a high quality product, improving themselves as professionals, promoting and respecting the opinion of every member of the KSP community.

Ex-Kerbal Space Program developers unhappy with studio over poor pay

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Squad, developers of Kerbal Space Program, are being accused by several former employees that despite Kerbal Space Program’s massive success, employees are being paid less than $3,000 a year.

A 4chan user claiming to be Squad’s former Media Director (named PDtv) has spoken about the studio. This information was revealed as the NDA the employees signed when they joined the company has expired. PDtv says Squad used their initial employees to create a foundation for the game, once the game was created the team were subsequently replaced. PDtv’s exact quote is:

Kerbal Space Program update 1.1 brings large boost in performance and better mod support

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Squad, developers of Kerbal Space Program, have just released update 1.1 (nicknamed the Turbo Charged update). After almost a year of work, the Turbo Charged update brings with it a host of changes.

The main upgrade to the game comes from the switch to the Unity 5 engine, giving players a smoother experience all around. There are also 64-bit binaries for both OSX and Windows that will allow users to take their mod support to another level.

Kerbal Space Program's 'official' Asteroid Day mod tasks you with defending Earth from vengeful space-rocks

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Squad, developer of slapstick (actually, I suppose that depends on how you play it) space programme simulator Kerbal Space Program, has announced the second 'Official Mod' for the game, called Asteroid Day.

The result of a partnership with the B612 Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to planetary defense against asteroids and various other bits of space debris that could theoretically crash into the Earth and snuff us out, Asteroid Day tasks you with setting up a space telescope in orbit near Venus to look out for errant space-boulders.

PS4 port of Kerbal Space Program won't affect PC development, says developer Squad

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Cult space mission simulator Kerbal Space Program might be winging its way to the PS4, but developer Squad is keen to reassure PC players that the console port won't affect development on the game's original platform.

Kerbal runs on the Unity engine, which the team says is flexible enough to make porting the game to consoles a relatively easy job. In fact, they even suggest that partnering up with Flying Tiger Entertainment for the PS4 version will aid the development process on the PC.

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