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King Arthur Collection Latest News

Paradox "close to 90%" digital sales, retailers 'bad' for creativity

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Fredrik Wester, Paradox Interactive CEO, has claimed it a "release" to not be reliant on retailer sales for their games, which are now "like a bonus".

He notes we "don't really need" retail chains any more, which have "not been good" for the industry - stifling creativity. It's "really relieving" to speak about it.

Paradox update their title line-up

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What's coming from the Paradox Interactive house this year? Well the studio has issued an up-to-date release schedule, as of May 12th, for what fans can expect.

The closest release would be the King Arthur Collections due May 24th, with Pride of Nations following June 7th. Hearts of Iron III gets its expansion June 28th.

King Arthur Collection announced

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Paradox Interactive has announced King Arthur Collection, a bundle featuring King Arthur: The Roleplaying Wargame and all of the content released for it, the King Arthur: The Saxons expansion, the King Arthur: The Druids expansion, the King Arthur: Knights and Vassals DLC and the King Arthur: Legendary Artifacts DLC.