LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Features

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Interview: Nick Horth chats to Phillip Ring and Matt Ellison from Traveller's Tales about sending Bats into space in LEGO Batman 3.

Traveller's Tales basically have every kid's dream job; they get to play around with LEGO for a living. Virtual LEGO, but still. I'm very jealous. For their latest brick-smashing extravaganza, LEGO Batman 3, they're heading into another area that twelve-year-old me was obsessed with – the farthest reaches of the colourful and often ridiculous DC universe. I chatted with exec producer Phillip Ring...

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Preview: Sad that Arkham Knight's still 8 months away? Don't worry, this is out next month!

I have this theory that TT Games develop the absolute dream games for fans of their franchises but get ignored by gamers because of the LEGO brand. An open-world Middle-Earth where you make your way through the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies? A fully open-world New York where you can play through an original story featuring every Marvel superhero and villain,...