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Lifeless Planet Hits Beta phase

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Publisher Lace Games and developer Stage 2 Studios have announced that Lifeless Planet, their mysterious third-person adventure game, has entered its beta phase. They've also released a trailer with some comments from the game's Steam Early Access users. Positive comments, obviously.

Indie adventure Lifeless Planet now on Steam Early Access

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Sci-fi exploration adventure Lifeless Planet has finally landed on Steam Early Access after two years since it blasted off from Kickstarter. Creator David Board calls it "an ode to the old-school adventure games".

It's a low-gravity platform game with jet-pack propulsion for long distances. We solve puzzles and other noodle-scratchers to figure out what happened to an abandoned space colony.

New Lifeless Planet trailer goes live

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Lifeless Planet successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign, and now we're reaping the benefits. As PAX approaches, creator David Board has released a new trailer.

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