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Fun with friendly fire.

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Ice, Death, and Fury DLC officially unveiled for Magicka 2

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Yesterday, Paradox Interactive teased the Magicka 2 downloadable content that would be released today, and now, the publisher has unveiled the "Ice, Death and Fury" downloadable content pack for the action-RPG.

Magicka 2 to get DLC both paid and free

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Developer Pieces Interactive and Publisher Paradox Interactive rolled out their charming co-op action-adventure prequel Magicka 2 in the middle of summer this year and, while not a game changer, it was a refreshingly amusing second shot in the series. Today, it was revealed that DLC is on the way for the game and it will be split between paid and free content.

Free Magicka 2 update adds three new spell elements, numerous ways to explode people

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Just in case you thought that madcap spell-slinger Magicka 2 already contained enough ways to murder goblins, developer Pieces Interactive has added a few hundred more.

A new, free update adds three additional elements for you to mix into your spells; ice and steam return as separate elements, as they were found in the original game, while poison makes its debut.

Paradox Interactive's Magicka 2 launches today on PC

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The second instalment of 'irresponsible misanthrope' wizards adventuring together has arrived with Magicka 2 out today. The robed spell-flingers return in both single-player and co-op beam-crossing action.

All game modes in Magicka 2 support up to 4-player co-op with friendly fire always on for "hilarious disasters". The new artifacts system will change-up the game rules every time.

Magicka 2 receives "completely unscripted co-op" trailer, out May 26th

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Paradox Interactive has released a new trailer for the upcoming Magicka 2, which is not to be confused with the recently launched Magicka: Wizard Wars.

The new spell flinging adventure arrives later this month to stain robes with splattered glory, and the occasional friendly fire incident. Thanks to "dibble-dub-re-replay-plibble-dibity", the game will always stay fresh.

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