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Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Features

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Interview: We sit down and talk to Paradox Interactive Executive Vice President Fredrik Wester to find out how the development of Majesty 2 is undergoing.

When it comes to the Indie PC gaming scene, Paradox Interactive is arguably one of the better publishers around. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of the Stardock and IC Company, Paradox has craved its own dominion in the PC market, most notably with hardcore strategy series like Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis. Lately they've been expansing and promoting alternative titles, such as the...

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Preview: It's been 10 years coming, but the fantasy kingdom sim with a twist is back, and is looking better than ever...

It has been almost a year since Strategy Informer last had a glimpse at Majesty 2, and my, how its grown! Showing a commendable preview build ahead of its release in a couple of week’s time, Paradox once again pulled no punches at this year’s GamesCom. As you’ll no doubt remember, Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is the official sequel to...