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Spiders announce new post-apocalyptic RPG The Technomancer, due out in 2016

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Mars: War Logs and Bound by Flame developer Spiders has released some new screens for their upcoming return to the Red Planet with The Technomancer, which boasts a rich sci-fi dystopia with "unique and interesting" companions.

We'll also be able to kit them out, as well as craft new items altering their appearance. There are five different endings we can achieve depending on our choices throughout the RPG.

Bound by Flame developer announces sci-fi fantasy RPG Technomancer

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Developer Spiders has announced Technomancer, a spin-off from its sci-fi RPG Mars: War Logs. Featuring the same blend of action combat, stealth and magic, the game will tell a complex, branching story that's related but doesn't directly follow on from the previous game.

You'll have to deal with various factions, each of whom can be brought onside to help you out, complete missions for the mysterious order of the Technomancers, and explore a larger, more detailed version of War Logs' Mars.

Combat trailer for RPG Bound by Flame with dev commentary

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Mars: War Logs developer Spiders Games will be releasing their new fantasy RPG Bound by Flame early next month, which has an extensive crafting system as they've already teased with trailers.

Now the studio tease the RPG's combat with detailed commentary on its mechanics, from the different skill trees to companions we choose to fight alongside.

Spiders Studio updates PC Mars War Logs with rewritten English, "strayed too far"

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Developer Spiders Studio has issued a significant update to their cyberpunk RPG Mars War Logs after fans were "disappointed with the narrative" of the game. It didn't stick close enough to its French origins.

The English language experience was too dilute, and even made little sense at times, so Spiders rewrote and revoiced the game's dialogue. They capture the first 'new' 7 minutes of the RPG.

Cyberpunk RPG Mars: War Logs releases on PC

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Spiders' Mars: War Logs RPG has officially released as it hits PC today via digital platforms, like that small-time, just a fad Steam thingy. It's time to get involved in some civil war strife on the Red Planet.

We'll be specialising in stealth, combat or some 'technomancy' in this cyberpunk-styled RPG. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will blast off on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN later in the year.

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