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Play Mass Effect Andromeda in full first-person mode

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The first-person ME: Andromeda mod offers combat functionality as well, unlike the previous ME first-person mods!

It's N7 Day Again, But With Mass Effect Basically Dead, What Could Bioware Be Teasing?

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I'm no Mass Effect expert, but the idea of November 7 being N7 day just seems like a silly coincidence to me. A bit like May 4 is for Star Wars. Either way, we've arrived at it once more, except this time it's the series' 10th-anniversary celebration.

Ex-Bioware developer says that the "single-player triple-A game at EA is dead"

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Designer Manveer Heir, who worked on the Mass Effect series when multiplayer was forced into it, reacts to the closing of Visceral Games, Loot Crates, and says that EA "don't actually care about what the players want, they care about what the players will pay for".

Star Wars: Battlefront II devs talk Single-Player Campaign, DLC Plans and The Last Jedi

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DLC will be free themed Seasons, with the first due immediately after release based on The Last Jedi.

Bioware has plans for the next two Dragon Age games, but not the ending

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Director Mike Laidlaw says that, unlike Mass Effect, Dragon Age was not written with an ending in mind.

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