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The Falcon & The Unicorn DLC for Might & Magic X - Legacy out March 27th

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Ubisoft has scheduled The Falcon & The Unicorn DLC to grace the first-person RPG Might & Magic X - Legacy by the end of the month. It adds an exclusive questline, 2 dungeons and more enemies to battle.

This new content has our heroes accused of crimes they didn't commit, and then banished to the prison island of Fort Laegaire. It's time for a prison island break.

Might and Magic X release date announced

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The latest instalment of the classic dungeon crawler series has finished its open development phase, and will be available on January 23. Bring some health potions and a great big axe.

Here's a developer video presenting the game's Deluxe Box version, open development and the official release date.

Second update for Might & Magic X: Legacy adds modding tools

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Ubisoft has announced that the second update for Might & Magic X: Legacy, which is currently in Early Access, is now available, adding a new Modding Kit which will allow players to help develop the game by offering their own mods and maps for the game.

Might & Magic X: Legacy update includes 4 new classes

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Ubisoft has announced that a new update for Might & Magic X: Legacy, which is currently in early access, is now available for download. The biggest additions are 4 new classes, including the scout, druid, mercenary and shaman.

Might & Magic X: Legacy preorders open early beta access to Act I

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A new gameplay trailer for the upcoming old-school 3D turn-based, open world roleplaying game, Might & Magic X: Legacy, announces that preorders for the Deluxe Digital Edition or Deluxe Box versions of the game, starting on the 19th August, will give early beta access to the first act of the game.

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