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Monkey Island 3 'unlikely' says Ron Gilbert

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Adventure veteran Ron Gilbert doesn't believe LucasArts would be interested in exploring Monkey Island 3, even if he went to the trouble of getting a Kickstarter project backed for it.

Gilbert doesn't own the rights and so the IP ball is entirely in LucasArts' court. As for the adventure genre itself, Gilbert isn't worried as others are "kind of absorbing" its ways.

Veteran Ron Gilbert officialy hired by Tim Schafer at Double Fine

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Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert is now filling the shoes of a Double Fine employee after studio boss Tim Schafer offers Gilbert his own project.

Gilbert and Schafer have game history as far back as Monkey Island in the nineties. Already the pair has a new project up their development sleeve.

PlayStation Store updates is here, Monkey Island 2: SE has arrived

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Another week means another helping of wares from the PlayStation Store, and Europe now gets LucasArts' classic Monkey Island 2 on PS3.

The Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack DLC is up for grabs now too, as is Dragon Age: Origins' Leliana's Song DLC. Patapon 3 demo anyone?

E3 2010: LucasArts confirm line-up

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The LucasArts team have confirmed some of their stuff for next week's E3 and among them are no surprises, unless you've not heard of Star Wars.

The BioWare MMO is to be there as well as The Force Unleashed 2, which gets a new trailer Friday. PC Monkey Island 2: SE will be there too.