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Monster Hunter World Kirin: How to Unlock and Beat Kirin in Monster Hunter World

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The Monster Hunter World Kirin is just like its classic counterparts - a bit of a myth. It most definitely exists, but finding the Monster Hunter World Kirin isn't quite as easy as tracking down the rest of the game's bestiary. We're going to guide you through the delicate process of not only how to find Kirin, but how to beat Kirin, too. It's the obligatory Monster Hunter World Kirin guide!

Monster Hunter World Rathalos: How To Kill Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

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Rathalos has been a staple of the Monster Hunter series for well over a decade, and fighting him (yes, it's a he) is considered an initiation for anyone getting into the franchise. He's by no means the toughest monster you'll come across in Monster Hunter World, but he's certainly the most iconic. How to kill Rathalos in Monster Hunter World is a question many newcomers will ask, so we've pieced together a handy guide with some key tips.

How to Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter World PC

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Capturing a monster in Monster Hunter World works just the same way as it has in the past, but newcomers to the series may not necessarily know why they might want to do this instead of watching their lifeless prey fall the ground after an intense battle. We're here to teach you how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter: World - Developers Respond To Connectivity Issues

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Though the first Monster Hunter title to officially be released on PC is a stellar game content-wise, it does have a number of porting-related issues for the devs to deal with. Here's their response to a particular one.

Monster Hunter World Bone Guide - Where to Find Monster Hardbone, Sturdy Bone etc

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Bones are one such material that you’ll rarely find on a monster you hunt in the wild, so upgrading any piece of gear that uses things like Monster Hardbone, Brutal Bone or Sturdy Bone will take a little extra work on your part. We’re here to show you where to find these elusive crafting materials.

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